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GridMarkets is hosting a series of (free) webinars to tell the interesting career, hero shots and artistic passion stories of the talented VFX artists and studios that we have met.  See below for "Upcoming Webinars" and "Past Webinars" for friends whom we previously met.

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Lightberg Studios
2022 Mar 02
9:00 a.m.
12:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
Neil Scholes
2022 Mar 22
9:00 a.m.
12:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.

(2022 Mar 02) Lightberg Studios - Berlin-based Lightberg Studios is a fascinating collaboration among innovative filmmakers and musicians.  Their comfort zone includes film, streaming, animation, sound and music productions.  In this webinar, we discuss their origin story, their methods and their current film "Projekt Adler."


Neil Scholes

(2022 Mar 22) Neil Rögnvaldr Scholes - Neil is a director and artist for commercials, promos, TV and film. He is the founder and creative director of Valkyrie Beowulf in London.  



Past Webinars


(2022 Jan 18) CG Africa - Femi Osewa joins GridMarkets in January to introduce CG Africa and its mission to put Africa's talented 2D and 3D artists, like Sylvester Dorgu, on the global map.  Join us to learn about the mission and journey of this important initiative.


(2021 Dec 06) Yellowbrick- Yellowbrick is an online learning and collaboration platform that empowers the next generation of talent to discover, pursue, upskill, and advance their career within the creative arts, media and entertainment fields.  Yellowbrick owns Animation Mentor and Artella.  Animation Mentor has an alumni community of over 5,000 students in over 105 countries, now working in world-class studios like Pixar, DreamWorks, Industrial Light & Magic, Laika, WETA and many more. Artella is a Creative Education and Collaboration platform used by globally-recognized creative brands  such as Riot Games, Wildlife Studios, Electronic Arts.

Kate Xagoraris - webinar coming.png

(2021 Nov 23) Kate Xagoraris - Kate is a VFX artist and instructor with a passion and talent for creating scientific visualization.  She has created shots for a number of major films including The Umbrella Academy, Bad Boys and Chaos Walking.  She joined us on November 23 to cover the topics of her career, procedural storytelling and the intersection of art and science.

Oleg Zvyagintsev.jpg

(2021 Nov 11) Oleg Zvyagintsev - Houdini artist Oleg Zvyagintsev brings the visions of product designers to life.  His work on "Blindr 2.0" turns the ordinary window blind into a thing of beauty and precision.  He does the same for a stylishly designed mobile phone in "Meet the Impossible".   If you are interested in a career in product design visualization, or if you are already there and could use some inspiration from one of the greats, this webinar is a must watch.

houdini school.png

(2021 Oct 21) Houdini.School - Thinking of adding Houdini to your VFX toolbox?  Or, are a long time Houdini user interested in learning new techniques from other accomplished Houdini artists?  Either way, The Houdini.School is something that you should check out.   Join this webinar to meet the Houdini.School's founder and accomplished Houdini artist Debra Isaac.


(2021 Sept 14) The Rookies - Just starting your VFX career?  Then you must connect with The Rookies.  The Rookies creates VFX challenges that can help to introduce you to the community,  launch your VFX career as well as award you a bounty of prizes.  Join this webinar to learn more - and to meet Alwyn Hunt, The Rookies co-founder.


(2021 Aug 11) Od Studios - Digital Domain, Sony Pictures, R&H, Method . . . these are among the studios that Marc Horsfield has worked for - doing the gamut of creative work from designing unified pipelines to lighting to building creative teams and more. It was therefore only a matter of time for Marc to start his own studio. Join us to hear his story of co-founding the Vancouver-based Od Studios.


(2021 July 07) Alps VFX - Two years ago, Alps VFX co-founder and Houdini artist Filippo Robino had a vision to create a small studio of 10 to 20 artists in his beloved Italy.  Today, the studio is bursting at the seams with opportunities, forcing multiple relocations to larger facilities and creating recruiting challenges.  Check out the recorded webinar to hear Filippo's amazing growth story.


(2021 June 29) Nebula Studios - Artists João Marcos Marchante, Guilherme Afonso and Miguel Madaíl de Freitas discuss the ideas and efforts that sparked the creation of Lisbon-based Nebula studios and the challenges and opportunities that they have faced along this 13 year journey. The Artists discuss how C4D is their go-to 3d tool and how they have used it for motion tracking, character rigging and animation and more.


(2021 May1 9) Maya artist Ryan O'Phelan - Ryan is a VFX Supervisor at HeyMister in NYC and owner of JovianFX. He's a CG generalist and compositor with 17 years of experience, and has been a CG Supervisor for various studios including Buck Design NY. He's built a few small cloud virtual studios, and used many render farm solutions over his career, notably Google's Zync Render. 

During the webinar, Ryan discussed his reasons for shifting from Zync to GridMarkets and what that shift involved.


(2021 May 12) Houdini artist Fabian Nowak - Fabian is an internationally recognized award-winning visual effects artist. If you're a fan of action-packed movies, chances are that you have watched his creations in absolute awe a few times before.  See HERE for a feature that GridMarkets previously did on Fabian's work.

During the webinar, Fabian broke down the "Passengers" pool gravity scene.

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