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Here we collect instructive case studies that no doubt will be of interest to the GridMarkets community.  For each of these examples, any one or several of GridMarkets' cloud rendering and simulation services were used: Houdini, Redshift, Renderman, Arnold, Nuke.

“Dinner Party” produced using a virtual team of artists by Youxi Woo

by Youxi Woo - Dinner Party VFX Supervisor 2018 Apr

Go behind-the-scenes with Dinner Party's VFX Supervisor to hear how he pulled off an impossible deadline with a virtual team of artists and the GridMarkets virtual studio solution.  See HERE.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s music video “FruitFlies” by the FruitFlies production team

by the FruitFlies production team  2018 Apr

A solid 2 months of 16 hour days brings all sorts of physical and emotional challenges that are not always easy to navigate.  The simulation of 500,000,000 particles added its own challenge as well.  Read the behind-the-scenes production story for the "FruitFlies" music video HERE.

Deep Image Workflow and Automated Movie Generation by Jeff Ranasinghe

by Jeff Ranasinghe 2016 July

By using Deep Image functionality, artists are able to combine multiple rendered elements, without requiring tedious matte passes to determine the correct A-over-B placement.  The existing Deep renders can then be added to or replaced with newer versions without having to update other layers, saving wasted render cycles and scene management.

400 GB´S Full of Lava - Short Production Report by Alexander Weide

by Alexander Weide 2016 April 07

I was looking for lava footage and reflecting on how far I could take a lava simulation. Lava is not the easiest material to work with and my aim was to produce a realistic effect. My research eventually led me to a Vimeo post by Graham Collier, in which he shared his lava asset.

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