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3D Blender Rendering - Cloud Render Farm 

Blender artist: Justin Courneya


3D Blender Cloud Rendering and Simulations

Blender Cycles - Internal - VRay

Blender is a free and open source 3D software supported by The Blender Foundation.

GridMarkets supports the Blender community by providing simple and secure access to powerful CPU and GPU for Blender cloud rendering including Blender Cycles, Blender Internal and VRay for Blender. Tackle any 3 D Blender rendering and 3D modeling project budget and timeline with confidence.

Our Blender Render and Sim Key Features include:

  • Establish a budget for any submission 

  • Automatically pack external files including linked libraries

  • Submit from the Blender user interface - nothing new to learn

  • Upload assets only once - no need to continually upload assets for each submission

Northern Lights

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How To Render

Hover your mouse over the image below to discover tips how to submit your Blender project to GridMarkets render cloud.

Blender renderer how it works

Plug-in help menu: Contains various extra options.

Override Toggles: Set to override a particular job attribute which would otherwise infer its value from your scene file.

Project Name: This is the name of the project you're looking to upload. By default it will use the name of your project. If you specify the name of a project that has already been uploaded to Envoy then your submission will use that existing remote project folder.

Product Version: The version that you want to use to process your job. By default it will select the closest version of that we support to the version you are using.

Job / Submission Name: This appears in the render manager next to your job.

Renderer: The renderer you want to render with.

Frame Ranges: The frame range you wish to render.

Submit: Opens the preflight window.

Reload Scene Settings: Updates any values in the plug-in which are inferred from your scene file. Note if you don't reload before submitting it makes no difference, this button is just to update the UI.

Auto Download: Tell Envoy to automatically download your results when they are completed. You can still manually download the results from Envoy if you do not check this option.

Download Path: The path you would like Envoy to download your results to locally.

Output Format: The image format you would like to render to.

Output Prefix: The value to append to the beginning of the output frame file names.

Credits counter: Updates automatically.

User information menu.

Machine Type: The type of machine you would like to use.

Maximum Machine Count: The number of machines you would like to use. Uses the value you have specified in your portal settings by default.

Credits Budget: Specify the maximum number of credits you wish to assign to a submission.  If that  number is reached, "budget action" will be triggered.

Scene File: The name of the scene file you currently have open.

Scene File: The name of the scene file you currently have open.

Logging Console: Expand by dragging upwards.

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