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Supported Houdini Tools


GridMarkets supports a number of Houdini tools including the Axiom Solver.  See details below.


Axiom Solver​

Neil Scholes

Axiom node - Axiom solver



About the Axiom Solver: Axiom is a sparse GPU accelerated volumetric fluid solver for computer graphics and visual effects. What sets it apart is the ability to run true sparse simulations fully on a GPU to leverage its computational power.  Axiom can be used to simulate a wide variety of effects such as fire, smoke, pyrotechnics, and more! It’s fully production ready and offers all the common features you’d expect from a fluid solver.  Axiom uses industry standard technologies such as OpenVDB and OpenCL to maximize compatibility.



Overview of the Axiom Solver on GridMarkets: Our partnership with Axiom permits GridMarkets user to run the solver at scale.  GridMarkets supplies the Axiom licenses required at simulation submission time; the cost of the Axiom licenses is included in our machine-hour billing rates.  Best of all, you can use the GridMarkets credits that you receive for free at signup to trial our service and the use of the Axiom solver.

Houdini Artist Neil Scholes Demonstrates Axiom



Using Axiom on GridMarkets: To get started with using the Axiom Solver on GridMarkets, follow these simple steps.  Should you have any questions, contact us at  


  • INSTALL: Install the Axiom Solver HDA into your local Houdini instance.

  • WIRE: Wire the Axiom node into your Houdini Simulation scene.

    1. Connect your scene inputs to the Axiom solver node (see "axiom_solver" below), then

    2. Connect the output of the Axiom solver node to GridMarkets' cloud cache node (see "cloud_cache" below). 

  • SUBMIT: Submit your scene, as you would do for any GridMarkets simulation submission.  Be sure to tick "Job requires a GPU" on the cloud_cache node.

Wire the Axiom node into your Houdini Simulation scene

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