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GridMarkets SideFX Houdini Render Farm

Mantra | Karma | Solaris | Redshift | Arnold | V-Ray | RenderMan

GridMarkets partnered with SideFX to design the definitive professional Houdini rendering and simulation cloud service. Eliminating computing bottlenecks increases customer's flexibility and project capacity. As a result, studios, freelancers and artists have simple, secure access to a legion of CPU and GPU machines with specs that enable even the most ambitious of projects. Unleash your potential and push all of the envelopes with confidence that it will be done on-time and on-budget.

Our Side FX Houdini key features include support for:

  • CPU & GPU based nodes supported

  • Dependency chaining in ROPs

  • Multiple 1st & 3rd party plugins: SideFX Labs/Axiom Solver/MOPs

  • Python 2.x & 3.x supported

  • OS agnostic absolute and relative pathing

Artist Testimonials

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