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These VFX Schools and Academies Offer Excellent Training Programs - We Highly Recommend Them!

Students enrolled in any of the schools or academies listed below will benefit from special educational bonuses. logo
DoubleJump Academy logo

Houdini.School is a community of technical artists and educators working together to make Houdini more accessible to everyone with live teachers and online classes. Houdini certified training center!

DoubleJump Academy is a learning platform designed to teach feature film quality FX and CGI.
The goal is to empower artists through engaging tutorials and workshops, ensuring both quality learning and enjoyment in the creative process.

The VFX Club logo

The VFX Club is a non-profit organization based in the US aiming to improve diversity and inclusion in the visual effects industry, and educate youth who are interested in a career in VFX through community initiatives and programs that empower them with technical and creative knowledge.

If you are a VFX school/academy interested in GridMarkets' educational partnership program - click on the "Learn More" button below.

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