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Take advantage of the benefits of being a student and render with GridMarkets for more attractive pricing options.

- No 3D render licenses are required to run GridMarkets' service, we provide them!

- We support up to 200 concurrently running CPU or GPU machines, let us know if you need more.

- Upload assets once via Envoy and share results directly with your client and collaborators.

- Submit directly from Houdini - see our list of supported applications and renderers.

- Run any production release version to render in Arnold, Redshift, RenderMan, V-Ray, Karma, TOPS/PDG.

- Avoid large sim data transfers by caching and rendering your entire dependency chain in one submission with our Cloud Cache SOP.

- Accelerate your volumetric fluid sims with Axiom’s sparse GPU-accelerated solver.

- Support for Vellum and DOPs simulations as well as MOPS and USD/LOPS/Karma.

- Use our Transcode ROP to create movie files or flipbooks from your renders.

Digital artist: Yan Paul Dubbelman

At Houdini.School, they're committed to making Houdini accessible to students worldwide. Their online courses offer both live drop-in and on-demand options, providing an affordable, supportive, and engaging learning environment. Join their growing community and start learning with them today!.

A community of technical artists & educators working together to make Houdini more accessible to everyone.

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