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Houdini Users Group

Houdini User Groups, or HUGS, which GridMarkets sponsors, are a great opportunity to meet fellow artists for idea sharing, collaboration and perhaps even to land your next gig.

 Events are often held in interesting venues - like this HUG held in Pixar's screening theater . . .

 . . . or this HUG held at the California Academy of Sciences planitarium.

 . . . or this upcoming HUG at Oracle's Fusionopolis offices in Singapore.

HUGs feature great talks by eminent practitioners such as Pixar's Michael Frederickson (see top) who discussed creating art that inspires the emotional "awe."  Ken Ackerman (California Academy of Sciences) is describing how effects are made for a 75 foot display dome.

HUG meeting

Events, like this one in Pixar's lobby, can be valuable for freelancers who don’t always have the opportunity to meet fellow Houdini users to help learn, troubleshoot and hone their work . . .

artists and friends meeting

 . . . or just to meet new friends with a common interest in Houdini. Drop us a line at if you would like to be a speaker or to learn more.

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