Managed Services

Don't have the time to prepare your submission?  Try our Managed Services option.


Maintain creative focus: delegate

submission details to GridMarkets.​

Save time: GridMarkets prepares your project for sim/rendering.​

Meet deadlines: We ensure it by optimizing the scene & machine count.



With Managed Services, GridMarkets:

prepares your scene for submission

configures the submission workflow

to minimize up and downloads 

sizes our resource allocation to

achieve your time budget



How it works:

With your permission, GridMarkets uses a secure remote desktop connection (via Zoho Assist) to open the scene file, add the GridMarkets HDA and prepare the scene file for submission.  The modified scene file is saved as <filename>_GMwrangler then uploaded to GridMarkets servers. Sample test frames, from the scene beginning, middle and end, are produced and forwarded for your review. On verification, the full frame range is managed to completion within your project deadline and the results returned to you.  





The Managed Services rate is $US100/hour, with a one hour minimum charge, paid with GridMarkets credits.  The minimum fee will be refunded if for whatever reason GridMarkets fails to queue your scene.  The prorated rate begins upon establishing the remote connection and ends when the scene is submitted and the remote connection is closed.  Note that the Managed Services fee does not include rendering and simulation charges (see our pricing table HERE for details).



All GridMarkets registered customers can request Managed Services - except for students - sorry, you will need to complete your school assignments without the help of Managed Services.



Managed Services does not include adjusting or optimizing the scene’s visuals. GridMarkets is not responsible for failed renders due to missing scene inputs or reasons outside of GridMarkets’ control.


Getting started:

  1. If not already GridMarkets registered, signup HERE.

  2. Complete THIS form to get the process started.

  3. Forward your deposit amount HERE.

  4. We will then get in touch via email.


If you have any questions, contact us at