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Studio Features

Numerous studios have turned to GridMarkets as a reliable alternative to local rendering - or to burst when local resources are inadequate. For critical ultra time-sensitive shots (e.g. Super Bowl commercials we've rendered on time with short notice) or IP-sensitive projects (e.g. rendering a new car model for a major manufacturer), GridMarkets has proven to be a trusted production partner.


We make a point of actively listening to and acting upon feedback from our studio clients. This feedback has inspired a range of features designed to alleviate studio burdens and costs associated with rendering and simulating. Below is representative list of examples.


Have a feature you would like to suggest? We would love to hear from you (

Powerful Machines

Assign up to 200 machines to a submission - or split the 200 machines over several submissions.  Our GPU powered machines are rated up to OctaneBench 2400 (equivalent to approximately four 3090's) while our CPU machines are rated up to CINEBENCH R24 3,000.

Hourly, Daily and Project Pricing

Hourly Plan - pay for only what you use by the machine-hour.  To be precise, we charge by machine-second.  So, for example, six machine-hours are consumed if two machines run for three hours.

Daily Plan - Render all you want at a fixed price for the number of days that you specify.

Project Plan - Say goodbye to capital costs, server room limitations, hardware constraints and operational hassles. Increase capacity to accommodate demanding project schedules, or freedom from infrastructure obsolescence.

Administrator Portal

admin view.jpg

The GridMarkets Administrator Portal is a platform designed to permit studio administrators to manage artists and to view their job submissions within the GridMarkets system. It provides a convenient and centralized location for studio administrators to perform tasks such as adding and maintaining artist accounts, purchasing credits, and monitoring the status of job submissions.  The Portal can be integrated with FTrack.

Studio Asset Repository

www studio graphic asset repository.png

Artists, regardless of physical location, can be set up under a single storage repository to collaborate on projects and to share files.  However, their jobs and budgets will remain separate so that they can be individually managed.

Python Client API


Use our Python API to access a library functions that include uploading and submitting project files, querying job submission status and more.  These functions can be programmatically called from your proprietary workflow.

Supporting Many 3d Software Versions 

www studio graphic asset repository-3.png

We maintain and support a vast library of popular past and current 3d and renderer software versions - visit the "Learn More" button for details.  Don't see what you are looking for? We can usually quickly add to the library.

houdini logo.png

We are confident that you will not find a better SideFX authorized Houdini rendering and simulation service out there.  GridMarkets was the first to partner with SideFX to build this should - with input from many Houdini artists around the world.  See below for some of our main Houdini related features - or visit our Houdini page.

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