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Project Pricing



Say goodbye to capital costs, server room limitations, hardware constraints and operational hassles.  GridMarkets' project pricing plans are tailored to your specific project requirements - and deliver cutting-edge private and hybrid cloud resources including desktops, desktop 3d licenses, data storage and data backup services, and servers.

APPLICABILITY: Project pricing should be considered when you are looking for flexible pricing to align with project budget constraints, increased capacity to accommodate demanding project schedules, or freedom from infrastructure obsolescence.  If your studio needs to upgrade deprecated infrastructure, project pricing provides more flexible options for doing so.  Or, perhaps your infrastructure team is short-staffed; project pricing removes that skill burden from the studio.  Finally, if you are looking to either establish a cloud infrastructure, migrate to the cloud, or to create a hybrid architecture by combining existing local infrastructure with cloud resources, project pricing should be considered.

GET STARTED: A summary of our project-based solutions follow.  Use the form to communicate your specific high-level requirements and to schedule an introductory call.

Project-Based Offerings



Host your specialized workloads on dedicated servers configured to mimic on-premise resources. 



Access your favorite 3D tools from any browser connected to our secured virtual desktops configured to mimic on-premise resources.

data storage, archives, and backup


For data storage, archives, and backup, our S3-compatible object storage clusters are fast &  easy to admin.  Storage buckets dynamically expand as you fill them, with affordable usage-based billing.

data backup


Backup servers, databases, laptops, critical business data and more, with an easy to administer interface and flexible retention policies and schedules.

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