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Submit Houdini Renders and Simulations in GridMarkets 

Overview Tutorial Library

Submission Quickstart Tutorials

Our introductory Houdini rendering and simulation tutorials will provide you with a basic overview of how to submit your projects in Gridmarkets render cloud. 

For more in-depth, project specific tutorials, create a GridMarkets account to access free trial credits, our user knowledge base, and 24/7 customer support.

Houdini Setup/Submit Overview

Setup/Submit Overview Transcript . . .

Welcome to GridMarkets Houdini Set Up and Submission. Ensure you have installed the Houdini plugin from Envoy. Please see the Envoy tutorial at GridMarkets dot com, forward slash envoy for instructions. Make sure to restart Houdini after installing the GridMarkets plugin. After installing the GridMarkets HDA’s via envoy, search for its node in the /out context. It is called “GridMarkets Render Submit”. Drop the node and connect it to the ROP that you are using. Note. By default, the frame range will be set to your timeline’s frame range. Update the frame range if needed. You can override the channel expressions by clicking with your left mouse button in each field while holding the Control or Command key. Set the project name. This is where all your files will be stored. Click “Submit Render” to start the submission process. If nothing happens after hitting the button, please make sure Envoy is running and you are logged in.The Preflight window will appear listing the files that will be uploaded and what will be downloaded. Make sure “Upload files” and “Start Render Jobs” are enabled and then hit “Save and Continue” to proceed. The GridMarkets Launcher window will appear so you can double-check the software versions that will be run. Hit the “Go” button to submit. Go to Envoy to see the upload and render submission status. Thanks for watching. Go to to learn more about how we can service all your rendering needs.

Houdini Cloud Cache, Sim and Render

Houdini Cloud Cache, Sim and Render Transcript . . .

Welcome to GridMarkets Houdini Cloud Cache, Sims and Rendering. Let’s get started. Please navigate to the context where you are outputting your simulation and add a GridMarkets Cloud Cache node. Connect the simulation output to the newly created GridMarkets Cloud Cache node. You can alter the cache’s output path here. Hit the "Spawn ROP" button to create the ROP node that will be responsible for submitting your simulation. By default it's getting created in the root of the /out context. You will find the spawned ROP node in the “out” context, and can see all the parameters are sourced from the original GridMarkets Cloud Cache node. Please add the GridMarkets Render Submit node and connect both. Note. The range set in the GridMarkets Render Submit node applies to all input ROPs, superseding the ranges that have been set on them. To override this behavior, an input ROPs Valid Frame Range parameter can be set to 'Render Frame Range Only (Strict). You can connect as many ROPs as you want. Jobs submitted from the GridMarkets Render Submit node will all start at the same time when all ROP nodes are connected separately as depicted on the left. If you chain the nodes as shown on the right then each ROP from the chain awaits completion of the one above it. You can also mix simulation and rendering ROPs. Hit Submit Render to the start submission process. Thanks for watching. Go to to learn more about how we can service all your rendering needs.

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