Alps VFX:
5x growth in 2 years!


2021Jun29: Two years ago, Alps VFX co-founder and Houdini artist Filippo Robino had a vision to create a small studio of 10 to 20 artists in his beloved Italy.  Today, the studio is bursting at the seams with opportunities, forcing multiple relocations to larger facilities and creating recruiting challenges.  Join us and hear Filippo's amazing growth story.

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Webinar time stamps of interest:

  • 00:00 to 01:20 introduction of panelists by Charlie Watson (Jellyfish Pictures)

  • 01:20 to 05:08 introduction to GridMarkets by Mark Ross (GridMarkets)

  • 05:08 to 08:02 security overview from Oracle - GridMarkets cloud partner by Ben Hill - (Oracle)

  • 08:02 to 47:40 Alps VFX's story

    • 09:28 Filippo's reel

    • 29:47 Alps VFX's reel

    • 38:58 Filippo describes the rocket simulation done for SideFX

  • 47:40 to 49:43 summary (next webinar with OD Studios, promo code, Oracle URL)