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Stable Diffusion AI Service


Now offering Automatic1111, ComfyUI, and Fooocus on GridMarkets' Cloud



GridMarkets is proud to welcome you to our Stable Diffusion AI service.  

Supporting the most popular and functional front-ends, we strive to provide a fast, reliable service for the creation of art using the latest technology.  Create on the latest NVIDIA GPUs for fast turnaround of your art, and only pay for the time you use the GPUs, and not per image or tokens - create as much art as you’d like for your budget.

In our introductory service, we are offering Automatic1111, ComfyUI, and Fooocus.  With these state of the art packages we are providing persistent storage which allows you to provide all of your checkpoints, LoRAs, and other training files used in the production of your art.  You only need to be uploaded once and they will be available whenever you want to work with them.  This also allows you to install extensions, scripts, custom nodes (in the case of ComfyUI) and anything else which you use in your current local workflow, should you have one.  More tools will become available in the near future.  Request your favorites and we will add them to the list.

Our RTX A6000 GPUs are capable of generating 1024x1024 images using SDXL at 40 steps in less than 45 seconds.  As an additional bonus, you are not required to tie up your local GPU, so you can use it for other activities while our servers churn out your images.

All of this, and more to come, is available at an introductory price of 1USD/hour.  


New accounts are provided with 5 credits to kick the tires, so you’ll have 5 hours to play and discover.


Feel free to contact us at



To Get Started


Follow these steps:


  1. Create an account (see Free Trial button) or sign in.

  2. Download and install Envoy

  3. Download the GridMarkets Web App Launcher for “Stable Diffusion” from the Envoy PLUGINS page.

  4. In the GridMarkets Web App Launcher:



  • Application - Select the app from the dropdown,

  • Browse - Optionally, select the local install location of the application to make uploading support files a snap,

  • Project Name - Give the project a name and hit create.


You will be prompted to upload any local files you wish to be made available on our servers.




The project will be created in Envoy so you can directly upload any other files you need at any point in the future.




Hit the play button associated with the project to start a machine with the uploaded files. 





Optionally provide a budget to be alerted when you hit your limit or to terminate the machine.  Note: if you choose the "terminate" option, your files will be autosaved before the machine is stopped.




Once the machine has started, you will be provided a URL to connect to it and use the application just as you would do locally.




When finished, press the “Return Files” button to return all of the images you have generated to Envoy for downloading to your local machine.  This will also save any extensions you have added or files you may have downloaded using some extensions to your persistent storage for future use.


After the files have been returned, click the stop button to turn off the machine and stop being billed.


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