Nebula Studios:
its origin and growth story


2021Jun29: Artists João Marcos Marchante, Guilherme Afonso and Miguel Madaíl de Freitas discuss the ideas and effort that sparked the creation of Lisbon-based Nebula studios and the challenges and opportunities that they have faced along this 13 year journey. The Artists discuss how C4D is their go-to 3d tool and how they have used it for motion tracking, character rigging, animation and more.

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Webinar time stamps of interest:

  • 00:00 to 01:00 introduction of panelists by Charlie Watson (Jellyfish Pictures)

  • 01:00 to 05:06 introduction to GridMarkets by Mark Ross (GridMarkets)

  • 05:06 to 08:44 security overview from Oracle - GridMarkets cloud partner by Ben Hill - (Oracle)

  • 08:44 to 54:31 Nebula Studio's story

    • 09:40 the start of Nebula's reel​

    • 11:10 Nebula's origin story

    • 14:10 the origin of Nebula's short: Don't Feed the Animals

    • 17:50 Don't Feed the Animals trailer

    • 18:59 how Nebula balances commercial and creative priorities

    • 21:10 from concept to production

    • 23:00 the power of Cinema 4d (C4D)

    • 24:41 finding sponsors for Don't Feed the Animals

    • 25:52 creating a new studio pipeline with all new tools

    • 26:37 hiring talent (converting Maya artists to C4D)

    • 29:54 the tools used to create Don't Feed the Animals

    • 32:48 how Nebula coped during Covid

    • 36:10 a sample commercial produced by Nebula

    • 36:48 using remote artists

    • 39:24 where Nebula is going from here

    • 45:55 having fun - President Trump interview

    • 49:14 Nebula's use of and predictions for cloud rendering

  • 54:31 to 56:31 summary (next webinar with AlpsVFX, promo code, Oracle URL)