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MAYA - Xgen Spline Cache Node Workaround (Interactive Groom Editor workflow)

XGen's spline cache node (which only exists under the new XGen's Interactive Groom Editor workflow) may not render correctly on GridMarkets. This is because the node does not respect Maya's usual file remapping logic functionality which causes issues when taking a Windows submission and rendering on Linux.

To get this node to work on the farm you must do the following:


You must convert the set path to the full absolute file path as it will be mounted on GridMarkets (not on your local machine).

For example if your cache file exists locally under C:\some\path\ you must set the path to \data\input\<GridMarkets project name>\C\some\path\

Linux & MacOS

The above solution for Windows will also work for Linux/MacOS systems but here you can also just use a relative file path.

Note a relative path will not work if submitting from Windows.

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