Pricing - Weekly


PRICING OVERVIEW: For an overview of our pricing, see here.

WEEKLY OVERVIEW: Think of the Weekly Pricing plan as our discounted "all-you-can-eat" option that covers all costs.  That is, this plan delivers a user-defined maximum number of machines for a specified period - at a predetermined and fixed total price.  The machines that you request can be used for as little or as much as needed during the specified period - the total price will not change. Up to 10 TB of project file storage will be available during the "all-you-can-eat" period.  


The plan's discount and the "all-you-can-eat" arrangement  makes this option useful for projects with hard budget limits and/or for mid to large sized projects requiring several days or weeks of rendering/simulating.  

NOTE: Our other pricing options include On Demand Pricing and Subscription PricingWeekly Pricing is only available for our Houdini, Maya and Nuke customers.  For our other customers, if you would like to be alerted to when this option is available, join our mailing list (see next).

HOW IT WORKS: Select your preferred weekly pricing option from the table below, then complete the "Weekly Pricing" form that follows.  (NOTE: If you prefer to pay via a Stripe alternative, mention that in the form's "Anything else?" field and we will revert.) 


Once your payment is processed, we will make your access arrangements and email you with those details.  NOTE: We may need up to 24 hours to prepare your machines and access once your payment is received.

WHAT IS COSTS: The table below describes the cost per week given a machine config and machine count.  For example, selecting thirty 48-threaded machines (i.e. option 3) for 2 full weeks (i.e. 7 days/week) will cost a total of $22,200 (i.e. $11,100/week * 2 weeks).  This cost covers everything: machines, OS, license and data related costs.  Note that the same number and configuration of machines using the On Demand model would have cost $33,264 . . . a savings of over $11,000 (i.e. $5,500/savings/week * 2 weeks).

Machine Config*
Max Machines
$/5-Day Period
5-Day Savings**
$/7-Day Period
7-Day Savings**

(*)   GM1600 = 16 threads / 32 GB RAM; GM4800 = 48 threads / 64 GB RAM; OB220 = 1xTesla P100 / 60 GB RAM.  For machine configuration details, see HERE.

(**) Represents the of the Weekly Pricing option vs. using On Demand Pricing.

GETTING STARTED: If you already are a GridMarkets customer, then complete the form below to get started (if you are not a GridMarkets customer, see HERE for a free account).  Have questions - contact us at