Nicolas Heluani - VFX Artist; Reykjavik, Iceland
Redshift rendered on GridMarkets

Redshift3D Cloud Rendering

GridMarkets is a Redshift3D official render farm - see "Which commercial render farms support Redshift?HERE.

Our Houdini Redshift3D service is available in "Economy", "Standard" and "Rush" formats, where:

  • Economy . . . provides 5 machines/job - for cost sensitive projects,

  • Standard . . . provides 30 machines/job,

  • Rush . . . . . . . provides 60 machines/job - for time sensitive projects (up to @ OB144,000).


Each machine can be configured with your choice of:

  • 2 Tesla K80s and 7.5 Gb/GPU (OB110),

  • 1 Tesla P100 and 15 Gb/GPU (OB220),

  • 2 Tesla P100s and 14 Gb/GPU (OB440),

  • 4 Tesla P100s and 14 Gb/GPU (OB880),

  • 4 Tesla V100s and 14 Gb/GPU (OB1200), or

  • 8 Tesla V100s and 14 Gb/GPU (OB2400).


where "OB" (Octane Benchmark) is a measure of a machine's GPU performance. For a full list and the pricing of our GPU options, see HERE.

The tutorial below explains our Redshift3D workflow.  THIS page describes how to optimize your Redshift submission to save time and cost.


If interested in our RedShift3D service but you don't yet have a GridMarkets account, sign up HERE

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Redshift3D Tutorial


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