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Digital Production covers GridMarkets

Magazine Digital Production covers GridMarkets


"The easy cloud rendering"

An extract of the article follows:

By Bela Beier, Editor In Chief at Digital Production (Magazin), Munich, Germany

There are many, many companies offering Cloud rendering services – and most tell you how you can tweak everything, you have all the control – and therefore you also need a TD and DEEP pockets, because the first time the bill from the cloud infrastructure arrives, it’s going to be massive. But we found a provider, who does things differently – with „All in Pricing'' and a decade of experience. GridMarkets, a cloud platform that simplifies and accelerates compute workflows like animation rendering and molecular simulations – and they are coming to Europe. 
by Bela Beier 


Since we met them at FMX, we asked about what makes GridMarkets different – and Mark Ross answered our questions. Mark is the co-founder of Prior to starting GridMarkets, Mark held senior technology roles in North America, Europe and Asia for Fortune 50 financial services companies. Mark is San Francisco-based and can be reached at 

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