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Supporting Redshift, VRay
R19, R20
Render with up to 60 machines
Render with up to 480 GPUs
Immediate Frame Downloads

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Supported Renderers


Supporting Standard/Physical, Arnold, Redshift3D and VRay

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Case Study: C4D / Nebula Studios / GridMarkets



How it Works



Once our C4D plugin is downloaded and installed, you will be able to submit to GridMarkets from within C4D using the interface that resembles what follows. 


Hover on the the dots  for details.

Submit: Opens the preflight window.

Scene File: The name of the scene file you currently have open.

Project Name: This is the name of the project you're looking to upload. By default it will use the name of your project. If you specify the name of a project that has already been uploaded to Envoy then your submission will use that existing remote project folder.

Comment / Submission Name: This appears in the render manager next to your job.

Render Instances: The number of machines you would like to use. Uses the value you have specified in your portal settings by default.

Comment / Submission Name: This appears in the render manager next to your job.

Version / Engine: The C4D version that you are submitting from; the renderer to be run.

Regular: Tick if you wish the regular files to be returned.

Output Prefix/Format: Output file prefix defaulted to scene setting.

Output Path: The path you would like Envoy to download your results locally.

Multipass: Tick if you wish the multipass files to be returned.

Multipass Output Prefix/Format: Output file prefix defaulted to scene setting

Multipass Output Path: The path you would like Envoy to download your results to locally.

Auto Download: Tell Envoy to automatically download your results when they are completed. You can always manually download the results from Envoy if you do not check this option.

Job is a simulation: Select for particle or mograph jobs to run on a single machine.

Logging Console: Expand by dragging upwards to see the progress of your submissions to Envoy.

Machine: The type of machine you would like to use, defaulted to what you have selected for “GPU Render” or “CPU Render” as appropriate in the Portal’s profile page.

Frame Range: The set(s) of frames you wish to render.  Select “Frame Range Adv.” to select different frame ranges.

Credits Budget: Specify the maximum number of credits you wish to assign to a submission.  If that  number is reached, "budget action" will be triggered.

Take: Name of the take from your scene.

Resolution: Height and width in pixels of the output image (defaulted to scene setting).

Close Dialog: Closes this dialog window.

Credits Budget: Specify the maximum number of credits you wish to assign to a submission.  If that  number is reached, "budget action" will be triggered.



New Feature: Establish a Job Submission Budget

Now you can establish a budget for any submission and automatically trigger one of three actions if the establish job budget is exceeded.  Use this option to control your credit spending by submission.   See the yellow indicators in the image above and HERE for more information.

Getting Started
(length: 30 seconds) This tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to launch a C4D render submission to the GridMarkets cloud.
cloud rendering, Arnold, rendering, renderfarm, vray, renderman, redshift, redshift3d, c4d, cinema4d, cinema 4d, c4d render farm, quickstart
Submit (using Redshift3D)
(length: 30 seconds) Learn how to submit a Cinema 4D job using Redshift3D to GridMarkets.
cloud rendering, rendering, renderfarm, redshift, redshift3d, c4d, cinema4d, cinema 4d, c4d render farm

Get Started in 2 Steps


Create an Account - Risk Free

To test our service risk-free, 10 rendering credits will be added to your new account, sufficient to produce roughly 50 frames (assuming 10 minutes/frame).  Note that the free credits expire if unused +14 days from account creation.


Install Envoy/C4D plugin


GridMarkets' Envoy tool securely manages the upload of project files to our cloud as well as the download of results to the storage location that you designate.  See the links that follow to download our setup files, which include Envoy and our C4D Plugin.


  • HERE are a few Envoy setup related pointers that are worth reviewing. 

  • HERE is an Envoy tutorial.

  • HERE are plugin install instructions should you have any issues.




Our pricing is determined by the choice of A) service level and B) machine power.​ 


Service Level


The Service Level choices below decide the number of accessible concurrent machines when rendering.  Pressed to get a project done fast - go for Rush.  No worries - go for Economy.  The choice of setting can be changed at any time via the GridMarkets user portal (for which a GridMarkets account is required to access).


Select up to

5 concurrent machines


Select up to

30 concurrent machines


Select up to

60 concurrent machines

(Need more than 60 machines?  See our Subscription model.)


Machine Power


Our machine Power Level options for CPU and GPU resources are shown below.  These choices can be changed at anytime. 


* Costs are represented in $US/machine-hour.  We charge by the machine-second.  Costs are all inclusive (i.e. machine time; operating system and software licenses; data egress and 15 days of data storage are included).

"OB" refers to a machine's approximate Octane Benchmark performance used to deliver the service.

Note: To help balance its machine inventory, GridMarkets may run your submission on the performance equivalent of your machine selection. Your project costs and performance will not be impacted in such cases.


C4D Release Notes



GridMarkets Credits



GridMarkets credits are used to pay for our service.  They do not expire, are not refundable and can be purchased On Demand or by Subscription (the Subscription option discounts credits for large jobs or sustained work).  Purchase credits via the GridMarkets user portal or via the buttons below.

Other credit related bits and bobs . . . .

  • To ensure your job runs to completion, maintain sufficient credits.

  • As your jobs run, you will receive emails warning of low credits.

  • For real-time low credit warnings, see HERE.

  • If all credits have been consumed, frames running at the time will continue to run until your GridMarkets Credit Overdraft Limit has been reached (see FAQ "What is the GridMarkets Credit Overdraft Limit?…), but pending frames will not be run.

  • Suspended submissions can be resumed once a positive credit balance is restored.

- Use this link if you need a receipt for GridMarkets credits purchased.
Gift Credits
- Use our gifting option to purchase and allocate credits to a friend or to a project artist.
Credit Estimate Calculator
- Our calculator helps to estimate the likely cost (and duration) of a submission.


Other Helpful Links

Tutorial: Job Management with the GridMarkets Render Manager
- overviews the job management functions found in the GridMarkets render manager
- answers a number of frequently asked questions
- describes our security model

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