3ds Max

Key Features

Globally supported

Our global team is staffed with cloud engineers & VFX artists from top studios.

Easy to Use

Setup & submit jobs in seconds.


Choose the machine counts and configurations to meet your deadline.

Our audited architecture

respects MPAA guidelines.

No Licenses needed

We supply the licenses

that you require.

There are no minimum or hidden costs;

we charge per machine-second.


Supported Renderers


Our 3ds Max offering supports the following renderers.

  • Scanline

  • Arnold

  • Redshift

  • Vray.

See the "Versions Supported" button below for further details.

Getting Started



Purchasing GridMarkets Credits - in 30 seconds
This 30-second GridMarkets tutorial describes how to acquire GridMarkets credits - the first step to render and to simulate.

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To submit a 3ds Max project, follow these steps:

  1. Create a GridMarkets account - see HERE.

  2. Contact us at 3dsmax@gridmarkets.com to provide your project details:

    • used software and version,

    • plugins used,

    • render engine,

    • rough frames counts and,

    • project deadlines.

  3. We will provide you with an FTP account and login credentials.

  4. Upload your scene and all assets (maps, caches, simulations, light-maps and etc.) via the provided FTP.

  5. Ping us when completed and provide us with the scene name and frame range to render.

  6. At your request, we will make a test free of charge and provide an estimate the time and cost of the render.

  7. Purchase credits - from our PORTAL or from HERE.

  8. Render will commence after your credit balance is confirmed.

  9. Download the output as it progresses via the FTP; we'll email you on completion and include cost details.

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