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Resilience Satelle is a virtual reality Real-short Immersive Cinematic Experience. Rogério Perdiz
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Blender 3D Cloud Rendering

Submit Blender Renders and Simulations in GridMarkets 

Render Interface Overview

Render Interface Overview

Hover your mouse over the image below to discover tips how to submit your Blender project to GridMarkets render cloud.

For more in-depth, project specific tutorials, create a GridMarkets account to access free trial credits, our user knowledge base, and 24/7 customer support.

how to submit your Blender project to GridMarkets render cloud

Download Path: The path you would like Envoy to download your results to locally. Tick the box to the right to reset to scene default. (Optional)

Output Format: Output file type defaulted to scene setting. Click the dropdown to the right to override the scene default. (Optional)

Project Name: The name of the GridMarkets cloud project folder to which your project uploaded to. This folder is defaulted to name of your project. If you specify a project name that has already been uploaded, then your submission will use that existing project folder. Tick box to the right to override. (Optional)

Submission Name: The name of your submission that will appear in the Envoy render manager - defaulted to the name of your scene file. Tick the box to the right to override. (Optional)

Job Name : Name of your job that will appear in the Envoy render manager, defaulted to the  Renderer. Tick the box to the right to override. (Optional)

Product Version : Select the Blender version that you wish to run. It will default is the version from which you are submitting.

Scene File: The file path of the scene to submit.

Frame Ranges: The frame range(s) to render in the format: framerange step. Tick the box to the right to override. (Optional)

Renderer: The render engine to be used.

Logging Console : Click to see the progress of the submission

Output Prefix: The file output name. Note: No file extension is required.  The format name should be like:


Auto Download: Tick to tell Envoy to automatically download your results when completed. Note: You can still download your results from with your Envoy portal if you don't check this box.

Machine Type: The type of machine you would like to use, defaulted to what you have selected in the Envoy profile page.

Max Machine Count: The number of machines used to render the job. Use Portal Settings is the default number of machines per job in your Envoy Profile Settings. Untick the right box to reset to scene default. (Optional)

Credits Budget: Specify the maximum number of credits you wish to assign to a submission.  If that  number is reached, Credit Budget Action will be triggered.

Credits Budget Action: Specify the maximum number of credits you wish to assign to a submission.  Once the job has used the credit amount, the Credit Budget Action will be triggered. The options are:

Alert: You will receive an email warning.

Stop: The job and any frames in progress will be stopped.

Suspend: Any running frames will finish rendering, but no queued frames will start.

Logging Console: Expand by dragging upwards.

Blender Setup/Submit Overview

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Setup/Submit Overview Transcript . . .

Welcome to GridMarkets blender set-up and submission. Ensure you have installed the blender plug in from Envoy.  Please see the envoy tutorial at for instructions.  Note: we do not force auto-load for the plug-in so Blender by default will not auto-load the GridMarkets plug-in. Please go to edit preferences, then choose the Add-on's category, then type "grid" in the search box to find our plug in.  Mark the checkbox next to its name, to set it to be auto loaded with Blender.  Make sure to restart Blender after installing the GridMarkets plug in. Select the GridMarkets tab in the menu bar to open the GridMarkets Blender plug-in. The submit to GM window opens with all your render settings, ready to check before you submit your render to GridMarkets. This is where you can override some of your settings in your Blender scene. Note all other render settings will be taken from your scene. Hit the submit button when you're ready to proceed. The pre-flight window will appear and list all the files that will be uploaded for the given job.  You can also deselect files or folders that were picked up and are not needed. You can manually upload any files that are not listed by selecting the appropriate boxes to the left to reveal the locations.  Note only the root directory of the given folder or drive will be revealed with a singular box check. Check the boxes down the folder tree to reveal deeper paths. Check the boxes on the right to add the given folders or files to the upload list. Hit upload and submit when ready.  You will get a notification that the upload has started. Press "Okay." Go to Envoy to see the upload and render submission status. Note the submit to GM window will remain open in case you want to submit the same scene with different parameters. Close it if it's no longer needed. Thanks for watching. Go to to learn more about how we can service all your rendering needs.

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