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The Hipflask Learning Path

Real skills and understanding for real-world production

Take advantage of the benefits of learning with online courses on Hipflask. Explore the advantages of rendering and simulating on GridMarkets, now featuring even more attractive pricing options designed especially for you.

- No 3D render licenses are required to run GridMarkets' service, we provide them!

- We support up to 200 concurrently running CPU or GPU machines, let us know if you need more.

- Upload assets once via Envoy and share results directly with your client and collaborators.

- Submit directly from Houdini - see our list of supported applications and renderers.

- Run any production release version to render in Arnold, Redshift, RenderMan, V-Ray, Karma, TOPS/PDG.

- Avoid large sim data transfers by caching and rendering your entire dependency chain in one submission with our Cloud Cache SOP.

- Accelerate your volumetric fluid sims with Axiom’s sparse GPU-accelerated solver.

- Support for Vellum and DOPs simulations as well as MOPS and USD/LOPS/Karma.

- Use our Transcode ROP to create movie files or flipbooks from your renders.

Houdini is enormously powerful.
hipflask makes it easy to learn.

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Houdini is enormously powerful. We make it easy to learn. With clear, comprehensive online courses, designed for beginners by an award-winning 3D artist, the Hipflask tutorial series helps artists transition from any other CG software into using Houdini as their day-to-day creative tool.

Hipflask courses are based on four core principles: structured learning, true depth of knowledge, clear explanations, and real-world skills.

Rendering and Sims with attractive pricing options:

  • bonus credits

  • free credits for new GridMarkets users

Contact us to learn more at

Clear, comprehensive online courses to help you master Houdini.
Designed for beginners by an award-winning 3D artist.

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