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Everything you need to get started in VFX & CGI

Take advantage of the benefits of being a DoubleJump.Academy student. Dive into the benefits of rendering and simulating on GridMarkets, now with even more attractive pricing options designed especially for you.

- No 3D render licenses are required to run GridMarkets' service, we provide them!

- We support up to 200 concurrently running CPU or GPU machines, let us know if you need more.

- Upload assets once via Envoy and share results directly with your client and collaborators.

- Submit directly from Houdini - see our list of supported applications and renderers.

- Run any production release version to render in Arnold, Redshift, RenderMan, V-Ray, Karma, TOPS/PDG.

- Avoid large sim data transfers by caching and rendering your entire dependency chain in one submission with our Cloud Cache SOP.

- Accelerate your volumetric fluid sims with Axiom’s sparse GPU-accelerated solver.

- Support for Vellum and DOPs simulations as well as MOPS and USD/LOPS/Karma.

- Use our Transcode ROP to create movie files or flipbooks from your renders.

Become the Next VFX Artist Generation

DoubleJump academy workshops and tutorials

Rendering and Sims with attractive pricing options for all legendary DoubleJump users:

  • bonus credits on all purchases

  • free credits for new GridMarkets users

Contact us to learn more at

Master the art of Visual Effects (VFX) and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) with the DoubleJump Academy. It is more than just a learning platform, DoubleJump Academy is building a community dedicated to empower artists, offering high-quality training content and personalized feedback from professional artists.

DoubleJump Academy turns dreams into reality with high-quality tutorials and workshops.

Next Workshops

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Building Natural and Controllable Decay Maps  DoubleJump Academy  

The ultimate explosion workshops: Four of us are working on it and we are the fellowship of the explosions.
So we have Julen, Ismael, Urban and Ayush and honestly this workshop is going to be so freaking huge that I would never be able to finish it on my own.
And I don't even know how I'm going to teach everything.
One of the reasons we are even able to finish this is because of GridMarkets; they're helping us with their rendering and simulating farm support.

FMX Hive 2024
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