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Cary Graham (Lost Boys) - Animation | Motion Design | Visual Effects - 2018 GridMarkets VFX Student Scholarship

2018 GridMarkets Scholarship


The first prize winner of the 2018 GridMarkets VFX Student Scholarship goes to Cary Graham from Lost Boys VFX Studio in Vancouver, Canada.  His "Bloom" video, scored highest in the categories of effectiveness (in eliciting an emotion), aesthetics, technical merit and  quality and detail of breakdown. 


The first prize winner is Cary Graham (Lost Boys).  Cary's "Bloom" has been awarded a pass to SIGGRAPH 2018 (complements of Sohonet), $200 cash and 500 render credits (complements of GridMarkets) and a Houdini Indie License (complements of SideFX).

Cary Graham
First prize winner: Lost Boys VFX Studio in Vancouver, Canada.
Marko Sussinger


The second place prize winner is Marko Süssinger (Lost Boys).  Marco's “Multiverse” wins $100 cash and 250 Rendering Credits (complements of GridMarkets) and a Houdini Indie License (complements of SideFX). 

Second place prize winner - Marko Süssinger (Lost Boys) - FXTD


The third place prize winner is Aberdeen Sheng (SCAD)  Aberdeen's “Nocturn wins $50 cash and 100 Rendering Credits (complements of GridMarkets).

Aberdeen Sheng
Third prize winner - Aberdeen Sheng (SCAD)

We greatly appreciate the support our sponsors who have made the scholarship program possible; special thanks to SideFX, Sohonet, ftrack, Nebula Studios (in particular Miguel Madaíl) and Judgify.  We would also like to acknowledge and thank the scholarship advisors from the participating schools: BYU (Seth Holladay), SCAD (Deborah Fowler) Lost Boys (Debra Isaac) and Tafe South Australia (Danny Ward).  Finally, we would like to thank our industry judges. They had a tough job this year as we had many high calibre student submissions. 

We are encouraged by the student participation and honored by the willingness very talented and busy VFX professionals to devote their time to this initiative.

GridMarkets offers a discount to current students and faculty of VFX and animation schools.  If you qualify, sign up for a free GridMarkets account HERE.  Be sure to provide the name of your school and an image of your current student ID with valid expiry date.

Interested in sponsoring the 2019 scholarship?  Are a professional VFX artist interested in judging the student submissions?  Are you a school with a VFX program and would like to include your students in the scholarship opportunity?  See the form which follows.

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scholarship details
About the Scholarship

The GridMarkets scholarship was founded in part as a way to give back to the community - by helping students to prepare to become professional VFX artists.  The scholarship aims to give students exposure to VFX professionals, to raise awareness of their talents and to promote the programs of the participating universities.   ​The scholarship was started in 2017 (see HERE) and we hope it continues for many more years to come.

Participating Universities

participating universities

The participating schools for the 2017-2018 academic year are:

Lost Boys Studios - School of visual effects
Savannah College of Art and Design
BYU: Brigham Young University

If your University is interested in participating in the program or if questions, write to us at

Participating Sponsors


SideFX - SideFX has been providing artists with procedural 3D animation and visual effects tools designed to create the highest-quality cinematic results.


Judgify - an online judging system designed to empower awards organizers around the world to setup awards and competitions with ease.


SohoNet - SohoNet is the largest private global fibre network for studios, production, post & VFX, w/ Cloud solutions for collaboration, transfer & more

nebula studios

Nebula Studios - Nebula Studios delivers creative solutions through character animation, motion design, live action and visual effects.


ftrack - ftrack is a scalable cloud-based project management solution used in the media & entertainment industry to help teams meet the ever-increasing demands of creative production. 

Gridmarkets logo

GridMarkets - GridMarkets provides a cloud based rendering and simulation services to students, freelancers and studios around the world.. 

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