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Pricing - Subscription

PRICING OVERVIEW: For an overview of our pricing, see here.

SUBSCRIPTION OVERVIEW:  Subscription pricing is a more affordable way to consume our service.  Compared to our On Demand pricing option,  the subscription pricing option delivers more rendering credits (see "What are Credits" below) for a given level of spending.  This option is best for:

  • complex or episodic projects,

  • projects requiring extensive rendering and/or simulation hours,

  • educational institutions allocating credits to students.

NOTE: Our other pricing options include On Demand Pricing and Daily Pricing.

HOW IT WORKS: Subscription credits are (automatically) purchased monthly until you cancel the subscription. As long as your subscription remains active, subscription benefits for any given month are delivered to your account at the start of the next subscription month.  If the subscription is canceled before the next subscription month, the prior month’s benefits will not be delivered to your account.


Subscription credits do not expire. The credits purchased can be used to to pay for any of our services. Depending on the subscription option, 1 to 20 Tb of storage will be allocated for the duration of your Subscription and, a discount will be provide for any additional credits purchased.

A positive credit balance is required to submit render and simulation jobs.  If all credits have been consumed, frames running at the time will continue to run until your GridMarkets Credit Overdraft Limit has been reached (see FAQ "What is the GridMarkets Credit Overdraft Limit?…), but pending frames will not be run.  Once your Credit Overdraft Limit expires, your submission will stop.   In advance of this happening, we will forward a low credit warning email. Real-time low credit warnings via WhatsApp are also available - see HERE.  Stopped submissions can be resumed once a positive credit balance is restored.

WHAT DO SUBSCRIPTION CREDITS COST:  The cost per Subscription credit varies depending upon the Subscription option selected (see the five options below).  While your Subscription is active, On Demand credits can be purchased at a discount (see the graphic below).



Option 1

  • 500 rendering credits/month

  • 1 Tb project file storage*

  • 5% On Demand discount ​

* +1 Tb for $US100/mon​th


Option 4

  • 6250 rendering credits/month

  • 10 Tb project file storage*

  • Slack support channel

  • 20% On Demand discount​​


* +1 Tb for $US100/mon​th


Option 2

  • 1100 rendering credits/month

  • 3 Tb project file storage*

  • 10% On Demand discount 

* +1 Tb for $US100/mon​th


Option 5

  • 13000 rendering credits/month

  • 20 Tb project file storage*

  • Slack support channel

  • 25% On Demand discount​​


* +1 Tb for $US100/mon​th


Option 3

  • 2875 rendering credits/month

  • 5 Tb project file storage*

  • 15% On Demand discount


* +1 Tb for $US100/mon​th




  • Stripe is our preferred payment method for purchasing credits; if you reside in a country which lacks Stripe support, we can also provide an invoice and offer a bank transfer option (contact us at

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