Understanding Credits 



​​WHAT ARE CREDITS: GridMarkets credits are used to pay for our service and once purchased do not expire. ​  A positive credit balance is required to submit render and simulation jobs.  If your credit balance is consumed, running jobs will suspend.  In advance of this happening, we will forward a low credit warning email.  You can also signup for real-time low credit warnings via WhatsApp by clicking on the icon below.

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CREDIT OPTIONS: Two types of GridMarkets credits are available - On Demand and Subscription.

  • On Demand credits - are typically for use with short and perhaps unanticipated projects. ​ With On Demand credits, $USD1 buys 1 credit.  On Demand credits come with 50 Gb of storage for 15 days and can be purchased in any amount via PayPal from HERE or from our portal (log into our portal and look for a "BUY CREDITS" button).

  • Subscription credits - are useful for complex or sustained projects, episodic work and/or projects requiring extensive rendering and/or simulation hours.  With Subscription credits, $USD1 buys more than 1 credit.  Subscription credits come with up to 1 Tb of storage and can only be purchased via PayPal from HERE.


If PayPal is not your thing, we can also provide an invoice and offer a bank transfer option (contact us at

ASSIGNING OR GIFTING CREDITS: It is possible for someone other than you to purchase credits and to have them assigned to your GridMarkets account.  This option may be of interest, for example, if you:

  • are a producer needing to supply an artist with credits,

  • are a school administrator needing to assign credits to a student, or

  • want to gift credits to a friend. 


Any benefactor can purchase and assign credits to the GridMarkets account of any artist.  See HERE.


 Estimating Costs 



The credits required for any given submission depend upon the number and complexity of the frames as well as your choice of:

  • machine configuration - higher machine configurations consume credits faster while lower machine configurations consume credits slower,

  • machine concurrency (i.e. how many machines are running at a given time) - a high machine concurrency consumes credits faster while a low machine concurrency consumes credits slower,

  • service - your choice of Houdini, Maya, C4D, Blender or 3dsMax.

Using the pricing table below, our ONLINE CALCULATOR accounts for these factors and helps to estimate the required credits for any given submission.  EMAIL us if in doubt or if you need help.  For our Blender pricing - see HERE.


* Costs are represented in $US/machine-hour.  We charge by the machine-second.  Costs are all inclusive (i.e. machine time; operating system and software licenses; data egress and 15 days of data storage are included).

"OB" refers to a machine's approximate Octane Benchmark performance used to deliver the service.

Note: To help balance its machine inventory, GridMarkets may run your submission on the performance equivalent of your machine selection. Your project costs and performance will not be impacted in such cases.

For September 2020:

20% off Maya; pricing starts at $0.80 - see HERE

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