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Houdini - Simulation Preview


Accelerate simulation workflows and optimize visual results with GridMarkets' Simulation Preview (Sim Preview)

GridMarkets Sim Preview

New: Sim Preview for Houdini

Over the last several months, GridMarkets has worked with a number of Houdini studios and artists to engineer a solution that leverages the processing advantages of large machines configs while minimalizing/avoiding the data download bottleneck.  We are excited to announce Sim Preview as that solution.

Before Sim Preview


GridMarkets accelerates your Houdini Simulations by providing machines with large memory and processing configurations.  This feature has moved the simulation workflow bottleneck from processing to downloading.  For large simulation results, the downloading step can be particularly time consuming - reducing the speed advantages that GridMarkets' large machine configs offer.  Further, simulation workflows typically involve producing many iterations - the results of each iteration must be downloaded, adding additional delays.

What is Sim Preview



Sim Preview permits simulation data residing on the GridMarkets cloud to be interacted with/reviewed using camera and other controls that are delivered to a local browser. 

Local browser control

Preview multiple geometry streams simultaneously, selecting between any or all of them.

Local browser controls are transmitted in real time to a GridMarkets Sim Preview server that interprets and streams back to the browser in real time the corresponding views of the simulation data.  With this release, Sim Preview gives full control over the light direction, perspective and orthogonal views as well as a sky dome background. 


Preview multiple geometry streams simultaneously


Standard View


Blurred View

Blur particle systems
Standard View

Try it for Free

For now, we are offering Sim Preview for free - for a limited time.  In exchange, we would be grateful for your feedback on the solution - how to improve upon it, what features to prioritize, etc.  

Get Started

Interested in giving Sim Preview a spin?  If yes and you are a sim experienced Houdini artist with an GridMarkets account (see "Free Trial" if you need an account), click on the button below to send us an email with your:

  1. GridMarkets (email) ID,

  2. link to your Houdini simulation portfolio,

  3. ideal start date.

We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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