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​Featured Artist:  Hernan Llano, Colombia

Hernan Llano is currently an FX TD at Framestore, London. He has shared a great tutorial on how to build a basic splash setup in Houdini.


Below follows part 2 of Hernan’s awesome tutorial on how to build a basic splash setup that will allow you to create nice shapes with a high level of artistic control.


For part 1 of the tutorial and our interview with Hernan click here.


Video 4 - Rotate Intro

Learn how to use a vector in order to rotate another vector.


Video 5 - Bringing the velocity to the fluid

Understand how to use point clouds in order to bring the velocity from the splash setup into our flip simulation.

Video 6 - Basic surface tension

Learn how to create a basic force in DOPs in order to create a fake surface tension. Get an idea on how to use the gradient of the surface and how to bring it into a VOP network.


Video 7 - Filling holes setup

In this part we will go back to the point clouds, but this time we will fill the gaps in our fluid. I’m teaching you a pretty basic approach, but it will give you a good starting point in order to achieve something better. We will also learn how to use addition of positions in order to offset the position of our particles.

Hernan Llano 2017


By: Patricia Cornet
GridMarkets marketing

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