Looking for a Zync Render Alternative?

We offer a Zync comparable service - which this page describes.  And . . . Zync customers with a valid Zync User URL qualify for GridMarkets bonus credits as well as with any assistance that my be needed with making the Zync-to-GridMarkets transition (see the "Virtual Coffee" button below). Use the "SignUp" button to get started with a no risk trial.

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Supported Software

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Main Features Compared

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Our pricing is determined by the choice of A) service level and B) machine power.​  


Service Level


The Service Level choices below decide the number of accessible concurrent machines when rendering.  Pressed to get a project done fast - go for Rush.  No worries - go for Economy.  The choice of setting can be changed at any time via the GridMarkets user portal (for which a GridMarkets account is required to access).


Select up to

5 concurrent machines


Select up to

30 concurrent machines


Select up to

60 concurrent machines

(Need more than 60 machines?  See our Subscription model.)


Machine Power

For September 2020:

20% off Maya; pricing starts at $0.80 - see HERE

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Our machine Power Level options for CPU and GPU resources are shown below.  These choices can be changed at anytime. 


* Costs are represented in $US/machine-hour.  We charge by the machine-second.  Costs are all inclusive (i.e. machine time; operating system and software licenses; data egress and 15 days of data storage are included).

"OB" refers to a machine's approximate Octane Benchmark performance used to deliver the service.

Note: To help balance its machine inventory, GridMarkets may run your submission on the performance equivalent of your machine selection. Your project costs and performance will not be impacted in such cases.

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