What's new

2019 Jan

Select between 16 and 96 vCPUs per machine.  See "CPU-based Services:" HERE.

2018 Aug

Up to 480 V100 GPUs now available per submission.  See HERE.

2018 Jan 

"Rush" implemented - control up to 60 machines.  See HERE.


2017 Dec

RenderMan 21.5 supported.  See HERE.



2017 Nov

Envoy 1.0 released.  See HERE.

Getting Started .hip provided.  Sign up HERE to receive.  Already have an account - check the portal knowledge base.

Support for Houdini 16.5.268




2017 Oct

Economy Service launched.  See HERE.


2017 May

H16 and Arnold HtoA supported.


2017 Jan
Version 1.3 plugin is available

  • Automatic File Downloading:  submission results are retrieved in the background & placed where you specified on your local machine.

  • Envoy Project Management UI:  a convenient application to view progress, download & manage your project files in the cloud. 

  • Improved Support Portal:  a centralized site, next to the Render Manager, where you can issue and manage support tickets, participate in the Community Forums, browse GridMarkets Labs - where Beta and upcoming features can be sampled. 

  • Longer Term Storage:  specify which result files to keep in the cloud to share across submissions, store for continued use, or download. 

  • Increased Security:  to better protect your data and safeguard your ideas, we've added solid features to keep your files safe.

  • Upgraded Render Manager Look:  a new look, to better organize, display and inform you of your jobs.​

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