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TechCrunch covers GridMarkets

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HPC in the cloud is changing the game for startups.

An extract of the article follows:

By Anup Ojah, Senior Manager of Global HPC, Oracle Cloud Engineering, and Amy Sorrells, Global Communications Director, Oracle for Startup

Even as both legacy and greenfield applications have rushed to the public cloud over recent years, some of the world’s most-demanding workloads have stubbornly stayed in private data centers.

For that reason, 99 percent of the world’s HPC jobs still run on-premises, often leaving the scientists, engineers, and product developers that perform critical simulations and batch calculations stuck waiting for limited access to computing power. And the expense of those difficult-to-manage systems has locked many startups out of innovating in emerging technology sectors.

That’s all changing—recent breakthroughs in cloud architecture are finally democratizing the field.

Thanks to OCI’s advances in networking, memory, storage, and software, HPC practitioners can finally benefit from the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and ease-of-use of cloud, all with the peace of mind of top-tier security.

Cutting-edge startups with compute-intensive workloads, like GridMarkets, are recognizing the opportunity.  GridMarkets is providing HPC-powered solutions to industries as diverse as pharma and media; the same platform that runs massive simulations for drug discovery can render animations for film studios. 

GridMarkets, Kinetica, Skin Analytics and DeepZen are just the vanguard of startups poised to set off a wave of innovation—now that they can readily access what had previously been one of the world’s most-restricted computing resources.

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