Rendering/VFX Simulations: Getting Started


Getting started with GridMarkets involves two simple steps: 1) establishing a GridMarkets account, and 2) downloading our plugins.  These steps are common to all of the services that we offer.




 Step 1) Establishing an Account 


To test our service risk free, create an account using the button below.   (NOTE: if you are a MOE user, please see HERE to create your account and download the required plugins.) 


Five rendering credits will be added to your new account sufficient to produce roughly 25 frames (assuming 10 minutes/frame). Signup via LinkedIn and receive an additional 10 credits (i.e. a total of 15 free credits).  Note that the free credits expire if unused +14 days from account creation.




 Step 2) Downloading our Plugins 

To complete the setup process, 2 downloads are required (accessible via 1 download step).


  • The first download is for Envoy: GridMarkets' tool to securely manage the upload of project files to our cloud and to download results to the storage location that you designate.

  • The second download is for our plugins that install into Houdini, Maya, 3ds, C4D Nuke and Blender.  These make it possible to submit rendering and simulation requests to us directly from the user interface of those 3D solutions.  Note that these plugins are combined into the Envoy download (i.e. just download Envoy - see the buttons that follow).

  • Choose the version of Envoy below that corresponds to the OS version that you are using.


  • HERE are a few Envoy setup related pointers that are worth reviewing. 

  • HERE is an Envoy tutorial.