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Director Oliver Milne discusses his latest production "Not Now, Never Now", rendered and funded using GridMarkets' Relief Program.


Artist Relief Program


Render your passion project with free or heavily discounted rendering credits and carbon neutral compute power.


Sponsored by:

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Given the difficulty that everyone is going through with the current economic contraction, we have introduced this Relief Program to help struggling artists.  

Apply here for free or heavily discounted rendering credits - to fund your passion project, an update to your reel or other (non-commercial) projects that will help to empower you during these difficult times.

THE PROCESS: It's simple . . . complete the form that follows to request support.  We will aim to get back to you within 5 days regarding your proposal.  If your proposal is selected, we will fund typically between 50% to 100% of the rendering cost.  If of interest, we will also help to promote your works via our various social media channels and this web site (e.g. HERE).


Render Your Passion Project with Renewable Energy


We are excited about our new Lancium partnership as it eliminates the carbon footprint of the frames we render:

  • GridMarkets provides the submission platform,

  • Lancium provides the green energy to power the nodes that we task on your behalf. 


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