NUKE Cloud Rendering

Sim, Render & Composite with GridMarkets - a Foundry partner.


NUKE Cloud Rendering

GridMarkets’ new Houdini-to-NUKE release gives you simple access to NUKE and all the necessary licensing.  From big budget feature films to pet projects, the industry standard compositing platform is from The Foundry - a GridMarkets partner.  

Now you can run your NUKE comps on GridMarkets in isolation or automatically as part of your simulation/render dependencies using the GridMarkets NukeROP.  The gif below shows how easy it is to do.  (See the more detailed tutorial HERE.)

Just add a NukeROP into your dependency graph and render!

See your latest Houdini sim/render iterations in comp on the fly. No more waiting to get your CG renders then manually updating your image paths. The NukeROP handles it all for you.


Don’t have a Houdini License? No problem, use Houdini Apprentice - the FREE version - and submit NUKE comp scripts with the GridMarkets NukeROP and RenderSubmit nodes.


NOTE: the non-commercial version of Nuke is not supported with our HtoN workflow.


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Register here for a free account and (20) free rendering credits - which expire if unused +14 days from account creation.

If you are a current student, we offer a 25% discount on your credit purchases (buy 3 and get 1 free). 

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