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GridMarkets is a cloud rendering service that supports rendering (Mantra, Redshift, Arnold, Renderman) and simulations. This page describes the necessary steps to get up and running - to render and simulate on the GridMarkets cloud.  These steps require a GridMarkets account - if you don't have one, see HERE.  The topics below include:​

Install GridMarkets HDAs.

Locate your account access key to access your GridMarkets account.

Start using Envoy to manage your files to/from our cloud.

Answer your "getting-started" questions with these 30-second tutorials.



Install HDAs​:

This section describes how to install, update or uninstall the GridMarkets HDA’s using the bundled GridMarkets shelf tools.

STEP 1: Display the GridMarkets shelf tab and select “Install GridMarkets”

STEP 2: Follow the prompts. The installer will automatically download the HDA’s and configure your Houdini .env file.  When the installation completes RESTART Houdini to update the shelf.

STEP 3: Press “Update GridMarkets” to install the latest versions of the HDA’s or select to uninstall them.


Log in



Go to the GridMarkets user portal (HERE) and log in with the email and password that you provided to GridMarkets on signup.

Your account access key will be required to log into Envoy and to authorize your account from the render submit HDA.


Your access key can be found in the profile tab of the user portal.


Here you will find your access key.


Launch Envoy​:


ABOUT ENVOY: GridMarkets Envoy is a secure file manager that acts as the bridge between your workstation and our servers. It provides automatic background downloading of your results via HTTPS.  Envoy is NOT an FTP client and cannot upload individual files or projects using the UI. Its main function is to eliminate the hassle of having to manually download your files after they have finished simulating or rendering.  After you submit a project from within Houdini using the HDA’s, Envoy will display the project directory that is being stored in the cloud.


DOWNLOAD ENVOY:  Use the following download links to install Envoy for your preferred operating system.

windows logo.png
linux logo.png
apple logo.png



INSTALL ENVOY: Wait for Envoy to install or update its additional components.  Please refer to the README file included with the download for OS specific installation instructions.




PERMIT ENVOY: Before launching Envoy, ensure your firewall and other settings are correct:

  1. open the firewall port: HTTPS port 443,

  2. (optional) disable or whitelist in your virus protection software "gm-envoy.exe" locally on port 8090​,

  3. (diagnostic) open a shell or command prompt and run "telnet 8003" and make sure you can connect.

LAUNCH ENVOY: Login and launch Envoy with your email & Access Key (NOT your Portal password).  Use your account email and access key.


You can find your Access Key under “Profile” (see upper right of the portal). 


View Tutorials​:

Our 30-second videos, that describe the GridMarkets cloud-based workflow, are listed and hyperlinked below.


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