Houdini Cloud Rendering & Simulations

(GridMarkets: a SideFX partner)

(See details on the SideFX/GridMarkets partnership HERE.)

Render block-buster worthy content easily, faster and more affordably than ever with GridMarkets.


All Houdini versions including educational (without watermarks), Apprentice, Indie & FX are supported.






  • 60 machine "Rush" introduced



  • RenderMan 21.5 supported

2017 Nov: 

  • Envoy 1.0 released.

  • Getting Started .hip provided

  • Supporting Houdini 16.5.268


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Simulate across high performance servers.

We do the work of processing dependent jobs.

All licensing is included as part of the service.  


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1. Getting Started


Learn how the GridMarkets Houdini rendering solution works.  These 30-second tutorials focus on setting your project name and file paths.   HERE is a sample .hip to accelerate your GridMarkets setup.


Render submit quick start.png
2. Job Submission


Learn how to submit a Houdini render or simulation to GridMarkets including how to set the frame ranges.  A sample .hip file is included to get started.

preflight image.png
3. Pre-Flight Management


Learn how to manage file upload/download, dependency nodes and many more submission details with the GridMarkets Preflight interface.

cloud cache SOP image.png
4. Cloud Cache


Keep and reuse your project files on the GridMarkets cloud.  Here is how.

HDA install - Houdini cloud rendering houdini render farm
5. HDA Install


Learn how to store & reference your assets for use in cloud rendering.

Credit Management - Houdini cloud rendering houdini render farm
6. Credit Management


Learn how to manage the credits in your GridMarkets account.

Credit Management - Houdini cloud rendering houdini render farm
7. File Management


Learn how to manage your file up and down loads using Envoy.

Credit Management - Houdini cloud rendering houdini render farm
8. Rendering with Arnold


Learn how to render with Arnold from Houdini.

9. Security


This video explains the measures that have been taken to secure our service.


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