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Now that you have established a GridMarkets account (don't yet have one, see HERE), DOWNLOADED our plugins and are SET UP, it's time to get started.  This page summarizes the information needed to quickly understand and to get the most out of our service, including:



Other available helpful resources include our FAQs, this site, our USER PORTAL.  Feel free to also EMAIL us.


Key Features - all users


  1. Upload assets once (using our file management tool: ENVOY), then reuse those assets later.

  2. ENVOY can also be used to permit clients direct access to your render results.

  3. Collaborate and share files with other artists by sharing a GridMarkets account.

  4. Frames and simulations download as they are completed - no waiting.

  5. See HERE to learn which version of creative and rendering software we support.


Key Features - Houdini users

  1. Enjoy the beach - upload your DEPENDENCY MAP and we'll take care of the rest.

  2. CLOUD CACHE avoid up/down loading large sim inputs/results; include your sims and renders in the same process.

  3. Composite using our NUKE ROP - and avoid downloading intermediate files.

  4. Use our TRANSCODE ROP to create movie files from your renders without having to first download them.

  5. Use our MANAGED SERVICES if you are time-pressed or need help preparing a scene for render.


Understanding Credits



The basics about GridMarkets credits, used to pay for our services, follow.

  1. Credits can be purchased at any time and do not expire.

  2. Credits can be acquired in 3 different ways (see "ACQUIRING CREDITS" below).

  3. A positive credit balance is needed to submit rendering and simulation jobs.

  4. If your credit balance nears zero, an email warning will be forwarded to you.

  5. If all credits have been consumed, pending frames will not run, but running frames continue until your GridMarkets Credit Overdraft Limit has been reached (see FAQ "What is the GridMarkets Credit Overdraft Limit?…).  Once your Credit Overdraft Limit is expired, running frames will be terminated.

  6. To ensure your job runs to completion, please maintain sufficient credits, else your jobs may suspend.

  7. Suspended submissions can be manually resumed once a positive credit balance is restored.

Two types of GridMarkets Credits are available:

  • ON DEMAND credits are not discounted and are typically for use with short and perhaps unanticipated projects. ​

  • SUBSCRIPTION credits are discounted and useful for complex or sustained projects, episodic work and/or projects requiring extensive rendering and/or simulation hours.


Acquiring Credits



GridMarkets credits can be acquired in 3 different ways:

  1. VIA OUR PORTAL Log into our portal and look for a "BUY CREDITS" button.

  2. VIA OUR WWW On Demand and Subscription Credits can be purchased from this site. Note that credits purchased via our portal instantly appear in your account while those purchased via our www are delayed (we are working on this).

  3. ASSIGNED or GIFTED This option permits someone other than you to purchase credits and then to assign those credits to your GridMarkets account.  Use this option, for example, if you are a producer needing to supply your artist(s) with credits.  Any benefactor can purchase and assign credits to the GridMarkets account of any artist.

Paypal is our preferred payment method for purchasing credits.  If you reside in a country which lacks PayPal support, we can also provide an invoice and offer a bank transfer option.

STUDENTS - Signup as a student and provide a copy of a current student ID to receive a 25% credit bonus (i.e. get a free rendering credit for every 4 purchased).  When you purchase credits, use the promo code "StudentBonus".


Estimating Costs and Credits Required



The cost, and therefore the number of credits needed for any given project, is determined by several factors:

  1. the number of project scenes to be submitted,

  2. the complexity of the scene(s) and number of frames per scene,

  3. the choice of GPUs vs CPUs,

  4. the choice of CONCURRENT machine numbers,

  5. the choice of machine POWER.

Our ONLINE CALCULATOR simplifies estimating your credit requirements.  Start by first submitting a few representative test frames.  Calculate the average render time for these representative frames (using displayed dashboard statistics)  and enter that into the calculator along with the other requested parameters.  EMAIL us if in doubt or if you need help.


Requesting a Receipt



Request an RECEIPT via this form.  We will produce and email the requested invoice to you within 48 hours.

GridMarkets USA
Presidio of San Francisco
P.O. Box 29920
San Francisco, CA  94129





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