Economy Service

Economy - Reduce costs by up to 20% for simulations and budget sensitive renders . . .

Do you need to:

  • Run one or multiple simulations?

  • Free your local machine for creative work?

  • Experiment with a new scene or run test frames?

  • Render many variations of your job, simultaneously?

Consider GridMarkets-Economy - priced 20% lower than our Standard service.  The visual below demonstrates how economy pricing works.

GridMarkets Economy:

  1. powered by up to 5 concurrent machines (vs. 30 machines for the Standard service),

  2. priced at a 20% discount (vs. our Standard service - see HERE for a more detailed comparison),

  3. Supported with the same great GridMarkets service.

How it works:

Economy has a maximum concurrency of 5 machines.  That is, while your account is set to Economy mode, no more than 5 machines, billed at the economy rate, will be in use at any given time across one or multiple jobs.  If Economy is deselected, non-economy rates will apply for subsequent processing.  Economy is only effective if selected at the start of a submission.

The 30 second video below explains how to make use of the GridMarkets Economy service.

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