Our Downloads

 Our Houdini HDA 


Using the download option (see next), download our HDA and sample HIP files and (re)start Houdini after extracting the files into the relevant Houdini "OTLS" directory, for:

  • Windows . . . C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini XX.X\houdini\otls

  • Linux . . . . . .  /opt/hfsXX.X/houdini/otls

  • Mac . . . . . . .  /Users/Shared/houdini/XX.X/otls

 Our C4D Plugin 

Choose from the download links that follow:

 Our Blender Add-on 


Our open-source add-on lets you submit your scenes directly from the Blender UI.  Choose the add-on below for your preferred version of Blender.  Note, the "version 2.80+" button covers all Blender version 2.80 and higher.

 Our Maya Plugin 

Choose from the download links that follow.  Be sure to uninstall any of our previous plugin version before installing any of the above versions.  For more detailed install instructions, see HERE

 Our Nuke Plugin 

See the button that follows to download our Nuke plugin (which permits submissions to GridMarkets from within the Nuke user interface).