GridMarkets Covid-19 Relief Program

We appreciate the difficulties that artists are experiencing with the current economic contraction.  To help, GridMarkets has created a Relief Program.

  • 30% Discount on Rendering Services

  • Full Funding of Qualified Projects

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 Program Discounts 


Until the end of June 2020, you will receive 30% more Houdini, Maya and Blender rendering time for either your existing GridMarkets credit balance or for new credits purchased and consumed during the Covid-19 Relief Program.

To access the 30% discount, use your GridMarkets account to log into our PORTAL.  (Don't have an account? See HERE.)   Select the "Covid-19 Relief Program" in the Profile page of the Portal.  Then select GM1600 or GM4800 from the CPU options.  Questions?

STUDENTS: During this period, the Covid-19 Relief Program Discount will override GridMarkets' Student Discount.    That is, the (25%) Student Discount will be dropped while the Covid-19 Relief Program Discount is in effect.



 Project Funding 


Until the end of June 2020, GridMarkets will fund qualified projects by covering the project's rendering and simulation costs.  Up to 10 projects (one per artist) will be 100% funded and up to 20 projects will be at least 50% funded by our Covid-19 Relief Program.

To qualify, projects must:

  1. preferably be non-profit in nature,

  2. help to encourage the artist's development or career (e.g. an artist's reel),

  3. complete by 2020 June 30,

  4. be publicly promotable (e.g. on this www and elsewhere),

  5. use GridMarkets' "Covid-19" rendering nodes (see the "discountsection above).

Compete the form that follows to apply for sponsorship.  We will try to reply within 5 days of your submission.