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Estimating Render Costs and Time


Before submitting a scene to GridMarkets, it is very helpful to first estimate the credits that will be required to complete the submission.  Ensuring an adequate credit balance will reduce the risk of the submission suspending.  Use this calculator (below) to generate the estimation.  See HERE for instructions on how to use it.

NOTE: if your credit balance does begin to run low, a low credit warning email will be sent to you.  See HERE to have low credit warnings sent to you in real-time via WhatsApp.

  • "Total Render Time" = sum of render times for all frames rendered

  • "Average Render Time" = Total Render Time / count of frames rendered

  • "Cost" = cost estimate (in GridMarkets credits)​

  • "Elapsed Time" = time in hours:minutes to complete the rendering


How to Use the Calculator

  • Select your preference from the dropdown for "Select a machine setup".

  • Select the service to be used in "Select a Service" drop down. 

  • Identify between 5 and 10 frames that are representative of your shot and render those on GridMarkets.

  • After submitting/completing those representative frames, add or average the "run time" details (see and example in the red box below). Enter this value for "total render time" or "average render time".

image (10).png

  • Enter the number of representative frames that were rendered in "Count of test frames".

  • Enter the total number of frames for your shot in "Total frames to render".

  • Lastly, select the "Get Estimate" button.




  • Five (5) representative test frames out of 200 are rendered on GridMarkets,

  • Each of those 5 test frames took 2 hours to render - or a total of 600 minutes (i.e. 5*2*60) for all test frames.

  • Select an entry from "Select a service".

  • Enter "5" into "Count of test frames".

  • Enter "600" into "Total test frame render time".

  • Enter "200" into "Total frames to render".



The predictions of the calculator are not precise - and should serve only as a guide.  Note that the accuracy of the calculator's predictions will increase if the estimate is based on GridMarkets render times for representative test frames.

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